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 Smiling sirena

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 Anemone hermit-crab

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  As a fish in the Mediterranean Sea...
As my Grand-Ma lives in Bandol, France, I spent most of my holidays near the Mediterranean coast, dabbling with my mask in Barry and Capellan creeks. It is at Bendor Island in 1985 that I started practising scuba diving. I gave my first course in 1989 and get my instructor qualification in 1992.
  A photographer fish...
Land photographer for many years, I started taking black & white pictures. Argentic is really an incredible thing, I spent many hours in black room. How magical it is to see the picture appear in the developing bath !... Diver and amateur photographer, I naturally became an underwater photographer.
My first roll of film was in 1991 at Socoa, on the Basque Coast. I used a Nikonos Ill, named 'Nini', and a Dolphin'S strobe from Imasub. All these dives at Arcachon Bay and Mediterranean Sea with my diving club (UCB1 Plong�e) increased my desire to photograph the underwater world.
In May 1999, I took part in my first photo contest. It was the 1st Macro Trophy of Arcachon Bay, organised by the Audio-visual Commission of the F.F.E.S.S.M., Department of Gironde. I won the Trophy and the Flora Price. I'm not really keen on contests but I'll try to take part in others, at least the Arcachon' one. It's a special moment to meet and share tips with other photographers...

A few years ago, I travelled to the Red Sea, Egypt. This is an accessible destination that allowed me to take my first 'tropical' rolls of film. I think my next trips will be to Africa and the Philippines, two areas that really attract me.
You can also discover on this website my 'Underwater nudes'. These are photographic attempts to mix nude models and my underwater slides. The result is pretty impressive and I encourage you to try to take some and share the results.
I use a Nikonos V with two strobes : A Nikonos SB 105 and a Sea&Sea YS50TTL. I always travel with three lenses, the unbelievable Nikkor 15 mm f:2.8, a Nikkor 28mm and a Nikkor 35mm for close-up (2:1, 1:1 and 1:2). I've recently bought a Nikon N90X. I had been dreaming about it for several years and I plan to buy a camera housing, to make all fish photographs that are not so easy to take with my Nikonos...
  The photo gallery...

My first website was online in 1996. It presented a dozen pictures in a gallery called... 'Welcome to the Fish World'. Does it remind you of something ? That's an expression my parents brought from Japan. For first dive, Japanese instructors write that on a magnetic slate.
I learned dynamic programming mixing HTML, JavaScript and PHP languages, with a MySQL database. That's how this gallery was born. Development is done on my computer where Apache Web Server is installed. Slides are imported from a Nikon LS-20 scanner. 1 resize and recreate (under Photoshop) an image which is as close as possible to the original.


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