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Species List

Species List
Marine tree of life

Marine tree of life

This is an excellent way to increase your knowledge in marine biology. Do you know what is the family of the specie you discover underwater and what is its level of evolution ?

The main goal of this part is to increase your knowledge in marine species you've seen underwater, and to let you discover new ones you've not yet seen. For each species, a data sheet is available with my pictures. This data sheet detail the species classification and give you informations about identification, way of life, reproduction, nutrition, etc.

Use the tree of life to discover species ! For example, climbing up to the tree, you can click on the "Mollusc" phylum and consult all the pictures of Mollusc as cephalopods (octopus, sepia...) and nudibranchs (sea slug).

If you want to know more about a species, consult the different marine biology websites. You can find some on the link page, marine biology rubric.

Some words about the classification :

The classification of marine species can be presented by a tree (the tree of life). Ramifications defines great families, then smaller, to species (unic). The classification system of Linn� (Carl Linnaeus 1707-1778) is still used today to describe species :

  • Regna (+/- Sub-regna)
  • Phylum (+/- Sub-phylum)
  • Class (+/- Sub-class)
  • Order (+/- Sub-order)
  • Tribe
  • Species

For exemple, the nudibranche called Hervia (common name), is classified as following :

Regna : Animal
Phylum : Mollusc
Class : Gasteropods
Sub-class : Opistobranchs
Order : Nudibranchs
Name : Ceatera peregrina (Hervia costai)

You can notice that this nudibranch has two names. The classification system is not fig� and some secies have benn renamed. The old name is kept and shown between parenthesis.

All the pictures of this site are class�es. You can consult the tree of life and see specific portfolios of phylum or classes.

It is also possible to consult a list of all the species of photographs (Latin and common names), classified as described here.

There are many species I have photograph which I don't know the name. Do you know these species ? To help me, you just have to click on the above icon and send me by mail the name of the species and, if possible, a biology website where I could find informatios about it. Thanks.

Need help to identify these species

I need informations on these species... They are identified species but their datasheet has not been completed. It will be great if you could help me to complete them.

Species datasheets to complete


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