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 Parasite ?

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 Striated sea cucumber

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Selection of the classification
  Acanthuroidei Pictures
  Acanthuridae ( Surgeonfishes ) Pictures
  Acanthurus sohal  Sohal surgeonfish Datasheet Pictures
  Acanthurus triostegus  Convict surgeonfish Datasheet Pictures
  Acanthurus xanthopterus  Yellowfin surgeonfish Datasheet Pictures
  Ctenochaetus striatus  Striated surgeonfish Datasheet Pictures
  Naso elegans  Yellowkeel unicornfish Datasheet Pictures
  Naso hexacanthus  Unicornfish Datasheet Pictures
  Naso unicornis  Shortnose uni-cornfish Datasheet Pictures
  Zebrasoma desjardinii  Indien sailfin tang Datasheet Pictures
  Zebrasoma xanthurum  Blue sailfin tang Datasheet Pictures


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